“And then – come back”

“So there you are across the seas
And here we are in Australia.

There you are exploring the world
And here we are in Australia.

With our Gumnur Babies and Banksia Men
The Possum, kangaroo and native hen.

Sea eagles soaring above the Hazards
Wattle birds, wombats and blue-tongue lizards.

A flotilla of yachts float in the bay
Warm sun on the sand, a blue summer’s day.

Dolphin’s leaping, gannets in flight
Southern Cross shining in the night.

There you are in a far, far land
And here we are in Australia.

So savour the world, drink your fill
And then –
come back home to Australia.”

(Dieses Gedicht schrieb die australische Autorin Molly Greaves (“Memoirs of Freycinet”) für ihren Sohn Mikal, als er zweieinhalb Jahre lang im Ausland lebte).

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